For several years I've been trying to find a way to incorporate some of my daily "sea treasure finds" into pieces of art by Suz!  I think I've come very close today and I'm thrilled.  As you know, I love creating my ornamental hanging glass pieces, especially those that speak to me from my local environment of the beach.  I have now found a way of doing that, and one that pleases my sense of aesthetic!  Yea!!!  Now, the question remains, will it please my clients and my friends??  I hope so.  I have a good feeling about this, and I plan to continue.

As you see in the two images, for these first two pieces, I have used dried sea urchin shells along with Pawleys Island shells (Venus Imperial Clam shells).  Each of these I have found during my daily beach walks and have preserved for the last eight years--waiting until now to be presented with my fused glass wave hangings.  

Stay tuned for more images and to see the evolution of my new passion!!



Sarinda is recognized world wide for her work with powders and layers of fused glass. To have her here at Suz! Glass Designs sharing her distinctive techniques is so exciting!! On Saturday and Sunday we will be focusing on color and form – starting with some time spent on our local beach for inspiration. Then we will be converting that inspiration into layers of glass  and powder. We will be learning some basics about chemical reactions, and we will learn tons about how color and glass work together. Our layers of glass and powder will go through at least two kiln firings. The end result will be the creation of a three-dimensional image made from at least four layers of glass and powder fused into a 4"x4" glass block. By the end of this workshop you will have created a unique sculptural paperweight loaded with complex color. This is a not-to-be-missed experience for anyone who finds themselves drawn to the way glass dances with color! 


This time of year on the islands, we begin to prepare for the return of our beloved sea turtles.  It's amazing how the mama sea turtle swims thousands of miles each year, but always finds her way "home" to the same beach to lay her eggs.  What a special gift we beachcombers have--to help protect these eggs and to ensure each tiny hatchling is able to make its way to the ocean, swimming against the odds to find its way into the sea!

In honor of these inspiring turtles, I have created turtle pins and pendants this year.  Each one has its own color and personality!

CONTACT ME for purchasing details!



Friday, May 29th

During this fun over-the-top color and glass class, students will be painting pre-fired glass pieces using Sarinda's color saturated alcohol inks techniques. The resulting free form images, on glass, will be transformed into small sculptural pieces by the days end. We will provide a stand for your artwork, so that you can go home with a gorgeous piece of original glass art that is ready to set up and show off to family and friends. Students will also be able to try alcohol ink painting techniques on canvas and other media, allowing for a full range experience in Sarinda's dynamic world of alcohol inks.  EMAIL ME FOR FURTHER DETAILS!


I have a guest fused glass artist coming to my studio to share her techniques with us! SARINDA JONES will be teaching us about Alcohol Inks and Powders in two workshops over one weekend in May. On Friday, we will have a one day workshop where we explore the watercolor like effects that can be obtained with ALCOHOL INKS and fused glass. This will be a fun exploratory session, where you will quickly see wonderful results with Sarinda's easy to grasp techniques. On Saturday and Sunday, Sarinda will give us a taste of the technical mastery for which she is known world wide. We will be exploring colors, patterns and textures through an exploration of our local beach, and an exploration of fused glass POWDERS. Sarinda will show us the technical basics of working with powders, and expose us to the incredible visual effects that you can master by layering powders and understanding simple chemical reactions. Guaranteed to be filled with "Oh my gosh!" moments, this class is such a special treat that I will be taking it along side you - I can't resist the chance to learn all I can from Sarinda!!!



This richly colored glass art work features one of my signature Dichro Mosaic hearts. The fused glass panel is mounted on a silver mirrored background and accented with an opulent gold frame. Color and light radiates from every inch of this love filled statement!