I woke up this morning to bright sunlight, sparkling ocean water waves, and the first Pawleys Shell I've found in months!!  A great day so far.  

Pawleys Shells are very special.  They are "different" than most shells one finds.  One difference is in their horizontal ridges (most shells have vertical ridges). 

When I first moved here, I lived for my beach walks (hasn't changed!) and finding these beautiful shells.   To document my new journey that first year I wrote one or two words along with the date. With each shell I found, I began to shed my anger, my broken heart, my fear of the future.  

These shells have helped me heal in so many ways BECAUSE  Pawleys Shells and I are kindred spirits!  When I find a Pawleys Shell I am reaffirmed.   I am different, but I survive.  I am unique, and most of all, I am loved by many whose lives I am part of!  Thank you, Mother Nature, for sending me signs of love and encouragement!