For several years I've been trying to find a way to incorporate some of my daily "sea treasure finds" into pieces of art by Suz!  I think I've come very close today and I'm thrilled.  As you know, I love creating my ornamental hanging glass pieces, especially those that speak to me from my local environment of the beach.  I have now found a way of doing that, and one that pleases my sense of aesthetic!  Yea!!!  Now, the question remains, will it please my clients and my friends??  I hope so.  I have a good feeling about this, and I plan to continue.

As you see in the two images, for these first two pieces, I have used dried sea urchin shells along with Pawleys Island shells (Venus Imperial Clam shells).  Each of these I have found during my daily beach walks and have preserved for the last eight years--waiting until now to be presented with my fused glass wave hangings.  

Stay tuned for more images and to see the evolution of my new passion!!