I have a guest fused glass artist coming to my studio to share her techniques with us! SARINDA JONES will be teaching us about Alcohol Inks and Powders in two workshops over one weekend in May. On Friday, we will have a one day workshop where we explore the watercolor like effects that can be obtained with ALCOHOL INKS and fused glass. This will be a fun exploratory session, where you will quickly see wonderful results with Sarinda's easy to grasp techniques. On Saturday and Sunday, Sarinda will give us a taste of the technical mastery for which she is known world wide. We will be exploring colors, patterns and textures through an exploration of our local beach, and an exploration of fused glass POWDERS. Sarinda will show us the technical basics of working with powders, and expose us to the incredible visual effects that you can master by layering powders and understanding simple chemical reactions. Guaranteed to be filled with "Oh my gosh!" moments, this class is such a special treat that I will be taking it along side you - I can't resist the chance to learn all I can from Sarinda!!!