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My angels are flying every where... they are always in demand and I never seem to be able to make enough! People tell me beautiful and poignant stories about what angels mean to them, and often, what the angel ornament they are buying as a gift, signifies. The stories are always bound in love, and I feel a very meaningful sense of connection and responsibility when I create these art pieces. Hang these spirited art ornaments in your window, or other light filled location, and enjoy the magic of color and light all year long!

I create each ornament myself, with hand cut glass elements and color changes in the design details. The fused glass ornaments undergo changes during the kiln firing process, and that leads to subtle variations from piece to piece. I hand finish the ornaments with my specialty wire wrapping and bead work -  unique to each piece. My caring, time intensive process guarantees that each ornament is one-of-a-kind, and in keeping with that, every ornament is hand signed on the back. When you order a SUZ! GLASS DESIGNS ANGEL OF MY HEART ORNAMENT there will be an element of beautiful surprise to the piece - one of the delightful qualities inherent in purchasing unique art works!

  • DIMENSIONS: 2.75 x 5 Inches (not including additional wire halo/hanger length).       
  • Ornaments are packaged individually, and come with information about the creation of the piece and its maker.       
  • Due to exhibitions, workshop scheduling, glass availability and firing schedules, it can take up to 7-21 days for me to fill an order. Please allow for 7-21 days for delivery. Thanks!
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